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NAME   ____________________________________________ GRADE (Fall 2018)_______________

STREET_______________________________________CITY____________________ STATE_____



BIRTH DATE_______________AGE____SEX____HEIGHT_____WEIGHT_____POSITION_______________________


SCHOOL_______________________________________PARENT’S NAME______________________________


HOME PHONE__________________________________EMERGENCY PHONE_________________________


T-Shirt SIZE (Men’s)  XS   S    M    L    XL   (please circle one)

Basketball Camp Recommended By________________________________________

Please CHECK: Please send brochures to the friends and addresses on the enclosed sheet



 SESSION I ($250)  

     SESSION II ($250)   




June 25 – June 29

July 9 - 13




$50 Deposit Enclosed (Non-refundable)

Entire Fee Enclosed (Fill in amount) $____________________

Call 585.732.1121 if you have any questions


It is understood that the St. John Fisher College Basketball School is not responsible for accidents resulting in medical, dental or other expenses including loss of personal items. A non-refundable $50.00 deposit for each applicant for each session is required by June 1, 2018, with the balance due no or before the first day of camp. A registration requires that a parent sign below to agree that in case of an accident involving their son/daughter while attending the St. John Fisher College Basketball Camp, they release the school, the ownership, the coaching staff, the directors and St. John Fisher College from all and any liability.


Parent's Signature______________________________________________________________Date______________________